Call My Bluff Quiz


Read the word then click on the definition you think is correct.

Roustabout | Ninon | Croton | Winkle Picker | Nilometer | Stapes | Kibosh | Whiting | Ammeter | Bittern | Quiff | Chopin | Expunge | Ling | Lithe


A roundabout on a canal for narrow boats to turn round

A device used to turn kebab meat in front of a flame for cooking.

An unskilled worker or labourer


A mythological creature with wings

A extra squashy dummy for babies

A type of french fabric

A name for a long corridor - particularly in a hall or castle


Special French bread like a croissant.

A type of tool used by burglars with a bent end

A type of shrub

Fried chunks of bread to go in your soup


People who work on a beach collecting shells

A type of shoe with a pointed end

A bamboo tool used in cotton fields to collect cotton

A book by Roald Dahl

Sour Pickled Onions


A device to measure the depth of the River Nile in Egypt

A type of thermometer used with animals particularly horses

A weather recording device with nine different weather monitors in one box

A nail that is a metre long often used in making roof beams



A type of monkey found in the Amazon that makes a home from wood

A type of stone step found in ancient Egyptian pyramids.

A small bone in your ear

Small nails or staples used in nail guns


A type of Arabian tent used in the desert and put up each night

A limousine or large car used for transporting famous people

A type of Russian freshwater fish

To stop or halt something

A type of large kite



A type of fish caught for food around the coast of Europe or ground white chalk

Liquid paper used to cover mistakes. Also known as TIPPEX

Name for a white horse or a snowy place


A device to measure the temperature in a stable

A magnetic plate in a TV or computer used to prevent radio interference

An instrument for measuring electric currents


A type of bird

A person that drinks lots of beer - particularly Bitter

Special ladies underwear


A sea snail found along the coast of Africa

A short story

A funny or peculiar smell

A type of curly-haired dog similar to a poodle

A cool hairstyle

Tear gas used by Russian spies


An automatic or self powered knife - used for cutting meat

A type of food made from Chicken

A creamy, white, nutty chocolate

A famous Polish composer and pianist


A diving board used by athletes in training

To wash yourself using a sponge

To delete or remove something

To turn someone to dust or freeze someone (magic)


A small bone found near the top of your vertebra.

A type of rainbow when only half can be seen

A slang name for earwax

A type of fish caught for food

A type of swing made from rope and used by children in China

A rare species of Stick Insect


A slang name for a person who works on a lifeboat

A type of solid wooden wheel used by Romans

Flexible or supple - e.g. a dancer

Species of aquatic dinosaur with a long neck